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The Coffield Chronicles - Hearts Under Siege - Book One

TL Dickerson

The Dragonfly House - An Erotic Romance

Sam McAuliff

it was never going to be okay

jaye simpson

Diva - A Romance

Barrett Magill

A Breathless Place

Harper Bliss

Sontag - Her Life and Work

Benjamin Moser

After Elias

Eddy Boudel Tan

On The Precipice

Robin Reardon

The Trailblazer Series - The Nathan Bartlett Story

Robin Reardon

The Letters of James Schuyler to Frank O'Hara

James Schuyler

Bertram Cope's Year

Henry Blake Fuller

1862 - A Civil War Love Story

James Marquis

Thrown in the Throat

Benjamin Garcia

Iatrogenesis - The Nanodoc Pandemic

Victor Calland

Pillow Thoughts IV - Stitching the Soul

Courtney Peppernell

Wild Wales - Passport to Love Romance

Patricia Evans Cox


Charles Watkins

The Gay Icon Classics of the World - Revised Edition

Robert Joseph Greene

The Scottish Boy

Alex de Campi


Anna Dorn

Be Straight with Me

Emily Dalton

You Will Be Safe Here

Damian Barr

Death of a Mermaid - a page-turning and evocative thriller set on the coast

Lesley Thomson

Officer Clemmons - A Memoir

Dr. François S. Clemmons

German Jew Muslim Gay - The Life and Times of Hugo Marcus

Marc David Baer

Once a Girl Always a Boy - A Family Memoir of a Transgender Journey

Jo Ivester

Cuban Son Rising

Charles Gomez

Two Hearts Trilogy

Harper Bliss

Stone Motel - Memoirs of a Cajun Boy

Morris Ardoin

Selected Poems