"There is more treasure in books than in all the pirates' loot on Treasure Island." - Walt Disney
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The Way It Should Be

Christina Suzann Nelson

Ripping Time - A Short and Unbelievable Story

John Chapman

Dead On My Feet

Patricia Broderick

Tales and Poems for Everyone - Collection of Short Stories and Poems

Lakshmi Bemplasseri

Father 2 Saahab - A Journey from a Father's Son to a Son's Father

Sanjay Monga

Copper Divide - A Novel

Beth Kirschner

The Crooked Words Of Ken

Ken Squires

Vultures in the Living Room

Lula Falc√£o

Murder on the March

Jack Martin

Summer of '85

Richard Fellinger

Impact - A Dominions Story

TW Iain

Face of Evil

George Morris De'Ath

Neighbourhood Stalker

Kenny Roberts

Fallen Domain - Dominions VIII

T. W. Iain

Rune Marked - Dragon of Isentol Book 2

pd pdmac, Richard Fierce

Fading Control - Dominions VII

T. W. Iain

Kill Me Tomorrow - A Psychological Thriller

Britney King

Final Target - Dominions IX

T. W. Iain

Speak Softly Love: A Walk Within the Mafia

Glen Parks

Empire City - No Woman's Land

George Valvis

Two White Queens and the One-Eyed Jack

Heidi von Palleske

Into the Woods - A gripping escapist thriller from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Richard & Judy pick Dark Winter

David Mark

The Children of D'Hara

Terry Goodkind

The Children God Forgot

Graham Masterton

Kiss Me Kill Me

Louise Mullins


Sergei Lebedev

Through the Waters and the Wild

Greg Fields

All You Need is A Little Faith

Vaanya Singh

The Dark Rider - Dragon Riders of Osnen Book 10

Richard Fierce

Rebirth of the Missing