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A History of New York in 27 Buildings - The 400-Year Untold Story of an American Metropolis

Sam Roberts

Lighthouse – An Anthology

Various Authors, Chris Foley, Carelton Chinner, Kelly Lyonns, Lea Scott, Sophia Evans, Kat Carr, Jo Edgar-Baker, Kylie Fennell, Alyssa Mackay, Brooke Maggs, Anna McEvoy, Bianca Millroy, Sharyn Swanepoel, Lane Thornton, Jodie Woodward

Shadow Academy: The Complete Series - Shadow Academy

Kat Cotton

Personal Brand Clarity: Identify Define & Align to What You Want to be Known For

Suzanne Tulien

The Confessions Project - 52 God-Given Promises to Declare Over Your Life

Hanha Hobson

The Wolf Leader

WordFire Press

Poetry for Thoughtful Folk

James Hathersage

Little Red and Other Stories

Éilís Ní Dhuibhne

A Village Vacancy - the laugh-out-loud new book from the bestselling author of A Village Affair

Julie Houston

Range of Light

Scott Neuffer

Facets of Power - The Dragon Portal #3

Jamie A. Waters


Mike Feria

The Chronicles of Loki Book Two - Fimbulvetr The Terrible Winter

M. Gregory Kendrick

Sweet Carol - Indigo Bay Christmas Romances #6

Shanae Johnson

Black Hollow: Finding Her Wizard - Black Hollow

Gracen Miller

The Running Blueprint

Dr. Kevin Vandi

The Silver Tower - Rise of the King #2

TJ Green

Absolutely Delicious: A Chronicle of Extraordinary Dying

Alison Jean Lester

The Soul Adventures: A Glance At Human Nature - The Soul Adventures #1

Inquisitive Mo

Pazienza Pizza

Gabrielle Cinelli

It Won't Happen To Me - It Happened To Me Duology #2

T. A. Beasley

Xmas Dust - Elsie Creek Series #4

Mel A Rowe

Fat Whack - Fatten Your Seatbelts

Andrew Franks


Marie Tuhart

Prometheus Ascending - Prometheus Dystopian Trilogy #3

D. F. Wink

When Libby Met The Fairies And Her Whole Life Went Fey

Kirsten Mortensen

Naughty and Notorious

Alexa Riley

This Christmas

Tracey Mayhew

Overcoming Trauma - 8 Steps to Healing the Past and Finding Peace Within

Allison Smiley

The Secret Mantra - A Matt Lester Spiritual Thriller #2

David Michie